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Crab with Seafood in Claypot 龙虎会 Minimize

Crab with Seafood in Claypot

Translated literally from the Chinese name龙虎会, it meant “Dragons & Tigers meet”. There are even some who thought it contains snakes and cat’s meat as what the name seems to suggest.

As what the English name reads, it is a hodge-podge of seafood comprising of Crab, Prawns, Sliced Fish, Cuttlefish and Mussels in a milky broth which is served with a plate of blanched Beehoon with Beansprouts. After a taste of this, one would take no notice of the ‘normal’ Beehoon Crab again.

Prices of the seafood pot(excluding Crab) from $15 and price of crabs is $55/kg.


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